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Kids Miles From Tomorrowland Laserang

Kids Miles From Tomorrowland Laserang

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Kids Miles From Tomorrowland Laserang
Whether your child has fallen in love with Disney”s Miles from Tomorrowland or you just want a little something amazing to go with your next sci-fi Halloween costume, the kids” Miles From Tomorrowland Laserang is pretty much all you”ll need. And luckily, you won”t even need to live on the Stellosphere to get your hands on one! A blue shirt and futuristic looking patch will be all you need to pull this look together, and your little one will be ecstatic to head to their Halloween party or out for trick-or-treating as Miles Callisto!

  • Includes: The Kids Miles From Tomorrowland Laserang includes one light up blue laserang.
  • Material: Plastic.
  • This is an officially Disney Miles from Tomorrowland product.

Make it a futuristic family affair

As any real fan of Miles From Tomorrowland knows, Miles would have a much more difficult going if he didn”t have his family. With that in mind, maybe grab a few laserangs and head out as Phoebe or Leo Callisto. Does Miles” little sister want to get in on the fun? Grab a purple turtleneck and skirt to send her out as Loretta. This Halloween can be an affair for the entire family to enjoy!

Little additions to other costumes

Don”t worry about only getting one use out of this awesome laserang. It lights up, so it”s definitely something children will enjoy playing with throughout the year. Of course, it can also be used for next year”s Halloween costume as well. After all, while all the kids are running around with the same types of light sabers their parents used for Star Wars costumes in the “70s, they”ll have their very own laserang to really show the other children how to “use the force.”

Kids Miles From Tomorrowland Laserang Details:

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