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Kids Grandpa Costume

Kids Grandpa Costume

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Kids Grandpa Costume
Your child will charm the pants off of everybody in the old folks home with this Kids Grandpa Costume. Whether they”re regaling you with rambling stories, challenging you to backgammon, or just yelling at you to get off their lawn, they”re sure to be good for a laugh in this outfit.

  • Includes: The Kids Grandpa Costume includes a one piece shirt and pants suit with bow tie accent.
  • Does not include: wig, glasses, shoes.
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • One size fits most.

Speak up! My hearing”s going!

Whether your child”s heading out to a party, or just playing make-believe around the house, this costume”s sure to be a hit. You can expect plenty of stories about what life was like back in their day, and lots of homespun wisdom about the facts of life. Just try not to laugh when your child goes running and playing with the other kids while they”re wearing it.

When I was your age …

This cute costume looks great with a pair of big bulky shoes or an unruly gray wig. Try adding a bristly gray mustache for a different effect, or throw a sweater over this one-piece suit to give the outfit a little variety. Try giving your child a cane or a walker and see how they play with it. Alternately, give this little grandpa a newfangled accessory and watch how they react! This outfit”s versatile enough that if you team up with this child and use a little creativity, the results are nearly limitless.

Kids Grandpa Costume Details:

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