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Kids Dolphin Costume

Kids Dolphin Costume

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Kids Dolphin Costume
Your child will look adorable in this Kids Dolphin Costume. Use this as an opportunity to teach them valuable dolphin life skills like hunting for fish and avoiding sharks … or just take them out into the neighborhood to trick-or treat.

  • Includes: The Kids Dolphin Costume includes blue one-piece dolphin body suit.
  • Does not include: pants or shoes.
  • Material: 100% polyester.
  • One size fits most.

My finny Valentine

With their sleek bodies, their bright minds, their inquisitive dispositions, and their coy little smiles, it”s no wonder that everyone loves dolphins. Your child will do flips at the thought of dressing up as their favorite underwater animal. Pull the costume on over their head, then pull the fins down over their arms, and they”ll be ready to fight off pirates, or befriend any swimmers they meet.

Making a splash

Match this costume with a pair of black, blue, or gray pants or tights. Blue or gray face paint will help your child become the perfect cetacean. Don”t worry if they don”t know how to swim — dolphins are mammals, so they can survive for a while out of water. In a costume this adorable, your child”s natural charisma will shine through, so get ready for them to befriend plenty of divers, whales, squids, and other sea goers. This outfit works great for Halloween or a school play, but rest assured that with an outfit this simple, yet this versatile, you”ll be seeing a lot of it around the house in the weeks and months to come.

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