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Kids Dazzling Devil Costume

Kids Dazzling Devil Costume

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Kids Dazzling Devil Costume
Everyone has had moments where their children act like little demons, and thanks to the kids dazzling devil costume, your child can stand out as the head demon herself! While all the other little girls are getting gussied up as Elsa from Frozen or any number of other Disney princesses, your princess will be showing that she”s not ready to conform to the stereotypical youthful girl costumes. Heads will definitely turn when your child walks through the door of the Halloween party, but if she chose this as her costume, no one who knows her will really be surprised for that long.

  • Includes: The Kids Dazzling Devil Costume includes a red dress with a glitter tulle skirt and collar, and a horned headpiece.
  • Does not include: Pitchfork, tights and shoes.
  • Material: Polyester.

It doesn”t get much hotter

You slipped up and let your little one watch Bedazzled with the ever-impressive Elizabeth Hurley as the devil, right? Don”t worry: this isn”t the scariest thing they could look up to. Your little princess will easily be able to embody the less-scary devil portrayed by Hurley. Then again, maybe your girl just enjoys being a little mischievous. Either way, this is the costume to do it.

A little exorcism never hurt

Not sold on the devil costume, or did your princess change her mind? No worries! The horned headpiece is what really pulls the costume together. If you purchased a pitchfork, just sit it aside along with the headpiece and let your little one enjoy the flashy dress and skirt. She can head out as anyone from Little Red Riding Hood to Elektra, and no one will ever know she started out as a little devil!

Kids Dazzling Devil Costume Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Devils Demons

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