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Kids Brown Hooded Cape

Kids Brown Hooded Cape

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Kids Brown Hooded Cape
At first, this Kids Brown Hooded Cape might not seem like much of a costume. But its simplicity and versatility is the best part. Once your kid is wearing the cape, his or her imagination will take flight. The great thing about his particular costume is that it doesn”t lock your child into a single idea. While wearing it, they can be anything they want to be.

  • Includes: One brown polyester cape.
  • Does not include: Shoes, pants, shirt.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.

A cape for every occasion

The loose fit of the cape allows your child to add layers underneath it, making it a good choice on chilly autumn nights when other costumes just don”t provide enough warmth. The cape comes with attached ties, which connect just in front of your child”s sternum. He or she is free to decide whether to wear the hood up or down.

Encourage free thought

When you purchase this brown hooded cape for your child, you should encourage him or her to think of all the different possibilities it has. While wearing it, he or she can be a hobbit, a sorcerer, a member of Robin Hood”s merry men, a bandit, or a pirate. The list goes on and on! By adding just a few different accessories, this cape can be part of different Halloween costumes for years and years. The brown hooded cape”s versatility makes it a great addition to your collection of Halloween costumes, a great prop for a youth theater, and even a wonderful addition to your child”s chest of everyday toys.

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