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Kids Black Kitty Costume

Kids Black Kitty Costume

Our Price: $33.95

Reg Price: $40.00

Kids Black Kitty Costume
Meow! Who doesn”t love an adorable kitty? I”ll tell you who, dogs. But dogs don”t celebrate Halloween. Humans do. Kids do. That”s why there”s the Kids Black Kitty Costume. This adorable feline is the pinnacle of cute cat couture. It”ll either give you or cure your cat scratch fever. Maybe.

When it comes to cool cats, this one is at the top of the pile. The Kids Black Kitty Costume mixes cute costumes with the black cat, one of the best icons of horror and Halloween that there ever was. With its tail, its pink belly, and its black fur, this feline jumpsuit should be impossible to resist!

If you love cats and Halloween then the Kids Black Kitty Costume is the one for you this holiday.

Kids Black Kitty Costume Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Storybook Costumes

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