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Kangaroo Costume For Toddlers

Kangaroo Costume For Toddlers

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Kangaroo Costume For Toddlers
With this adorable Kangaroo Costume For Toddlers, your little one will enjoy hopping all about the neighborhood while collecting treats from each house. The kangaroo costume even comes with a baby kangaroo stuffed animal that fits in the costume”s pocket pouch, so that your toddler will have a little companion to share his or her kangaroo adventures with.

  • Includes: A plush fur body with attached tail, character hood, shoe covers and a stuffed animal
  • Does not include: Shirt or tights
  • Material: 100% polyester

The perfect costume for a child who is always bouncing around!

Does your little one like to hop around the house all day? Then this Kangaroo Costume For Toddlers might just be the perfect costume. The plush fur body comes complete with a kangaroo hood, a bouncy tail and big kangaroo feet that will help your child hopping happily all day and night. And when they are finally ready to settle down, they can do so along with their stuffed animal companion.

Don”t forget about Baby Joey!

With the addition of a baby kangaroo stuffed animal, the fun doesn”t have to end just because Halloween is over. Your little one will no doubt come to quickly love the plush stuffed animal that is included with this costume, and it can be a delightful companion to play games with. Baby Joey can be kept in the kangaroo costume”s pocket as well, so that it can also enjoy trick-or-treating with your toddler.

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