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Jurassic World: T-Rex Adult 3/4 Mask

Jurassic World: T-Rex Adult 3/4 Mask

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Jurassic World: T-Rex Adult 3/4 Mask
The Jurassic World: T-Rex Adult 3/4 Mask is the next best thing to bringing your own Jurassic Park to life. Actually, it’s better, since this dinosaur mask does not bite, but merely shows its dinosaur teeth, so it’s much safer for park guests and party attendees. Also, no DNA from mosquitoes encased in amber is required to bring this tyrannosaur to life, so it’s much easier than it is in the scientific sequences from the blockbuster films.

The terrifying tyrannosaur

This comfortable T-Rex mask is versatile enough to wear at a Halloween party, the midnight premiere of Jurassic World, a blockbuster movie marathon, or as part of a group costume with the other dinosaurs and prehistoric animals in your family or group of friends. Before you wreak havoc on unsuspecting tourists, though, be sure to complete your Jurassic World ensemble with accessories.

  • Available in Adult Size: One-Size fits most.
  • Includes: dinosaur mask.
  • Does not include: costume.
  • This is an officially licensed Jurassic World product.

T-Rex: return of the king

Even though you’ve grown up from the aspiring dinosaur researcher of your childhood into the thrilling action and adventure movie fan you are today, you still believe the proud, fierce and mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex is the king of the dinosaurs. Now, with this Jurassic World T-Rex mask, the tyrannosaur is the king of your costume closet and Halloween party, too.

Jurassic World: T-Rex Adult 3/4 Mask Details:

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