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Jurassic World: Overhead T-Rex Adult Mask

Jurassic World: Overhead T-Rex Adult Mask

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Jurassic World: Overhead T-Rex Adult Mask
The Jurassic World: Overhead T-Rex Adult Mask empowers the adult Jurassic Park fan to channel their inner dinosaur and release their loudest T-Rex roar. Even paleontologists will be fooled, since you’ll look like you stampeded straight off the movie screen. This Halloween, wear the official Jurassic World mask.

Dinosaurs rule the earth again

Gather a group of fellow Jurassic Park fans and dinosaur lovers for a dinosaur-themed group costume. Or just go solo and terrify everyone at the Halloween party. Either way, you’ll want to grab some Jurassic World accessories for your prehistoric enjoyment.

  • Available in Adult Size: One-Size fits most.
  • Includes: dinosaur mask.
  • Does not include: costume.
  • This is an officially licensed Jurassic World product.

The T-Rex in the mirror

Let’s face it, if you’re reading this, you never grew out of your love of and fascination with dinosaurs, especially the majestic T-Rex. Even though your face will be covered by this sweet dinosaur mask from Jurassic World, when you look into the mirror and see a dinosaur staring back, we have no doubt you’ll be happy with your complexion, and proud of your reflection. Dinosaurs rule.

Jurassic World: Overhead T-Rex Adult Mask Details:

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