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Jumbo Glitter Star Staff

Jumbo Glitter Star Staff

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Jumbo Glitter Star Staff
Ever feel like you wish you could just wave a magic wand and – voila! This Jumbo Glitter Star Staff takes abracadabra to an entirely new level. With almost 3 ft. of wand length and a star virtually swimming in glitter, this staff gets noticed. Whatever you proclaim or desire instantly manifests itself right in front of you. Want to make something magically appear, or turn an undesirable wannabe Prince Charming into a toad? You simply command the staff to make it so. There”s no substitute for absolute magic powers, right? That”s the idea behind this wonderful addition to your Halloween party wardrobe. Of course, you are wise and benevolent enough to not fall victim to the old saying that absolute power corrupts absolutely. You will wield the staff with nothing but the purest intentions and warmest heart. Your wishes will be to serve others — well, an occasional self-interested wish granting spree is part of the fun, isn”t it?

  • Includes: The Jumbo Glitter Star Staff includes one glitter wand that is approximately 36 inches tall.
  • Does not include: Dress or shoes

Every Fairy Godmother needs one

When it”s time to grant a poor maiden her heart”s desire or see a lost girl home from a land far beyond Kansas, this staff is just the magic wand you need. The glittering star ushers powers to you that allow you to easily bring any wish to life. Of course, that”s part of the Fairy Godmother job description!

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