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Jr. Astronaut Helmet

Jr. Astronaut Helmet

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Jr. Astronaut Helmet
Because the Jr. Astronaut Helmet overs the entire head and neck, it protects your intrepid space explorer from overly bright sunlight, radioactive alien sisters and enthusiastic monster pets. Sophisticated built-in electronics keeps him in touch with Mission Control, so you can call him when it”s time for dinner. Try it out with the NASA Jr. Astronaut Suit.

  • When he”s inside a breathable atmosphere, your space commander can keep the visor open to breathe in fresh air. Otherwise, he can flip it down and still breathe through the oxygen vent.
  • The dark coloring of the transparent plastic protects his eyes from the glare of solar flares.
  • High-tech details include a receiver and boom microphone assembly, and colored buttons that can be pressed for audio acknowledgments.
  • The molded silver air pipe adds a touch of authenticity.
  • Keep the plastic clean from space dust by wiping it using an ordinary cloth.
  • Includes: Helmet.
  • This is an officially licensed NASA costume accessory.

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