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Jester  Child Costume

Jester Child Costume

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Jester Child Costume
Your favorite family comedian goes right to the top of fool school with this versatile costume! Everyone loves a jester, with their bright costumes and crazy, pointy hats! Whether you need something for Halloween, a carnival or a fancy dress birthday party, being a jester is just too much fun. Remember to have some jokes or funny stories up your sleeve — or maybe a spot of juggling if you can manage it! Team up with alternative jester costumes so everyone in the family can have the best fun fooling around together.

  • The Child Jester Costume comes with a quality checkerboard-design tunic made from velvet with colors of the deepest black and purple.
  • Of course, no jester looks the part without some suitably silly headgear, and this outfit is no exception – it comes with a horned hat to match, so if the cap fits, wear it!
  • If you want to complete the jester look with shoes or tights, these can be bought as separate items.
  • Includes tunic and hat.
  • Tights and Jester Shoes are sold separately.

Jester Child Costume Details:

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Theme Classic

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