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Inflatable Harley Quinn Mallet

Inflatable Harley Quinn Mallet

Our Price: $6.99

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Inflatable Harley Quinn Mallet
Put away the princess look this year for something deliciously diabolical. Naturally, you”ve chosen to be Harley Quinn for the evening, but no Harley Quinn is complete with the Inflatable Harley Quinn Mallet to brandish at the unwitting populace. Cast in her signature red and black colors, his big hammer is the most recognizable tool in her villainous arsenal, and going without it just won”t do.

  • Includes: One inflatable mallet.
  • Does not include: Harley Quinn costume.
  • Material: PVC.
  • This is an officially licensed DC Comics product.
  • Care instructions: Spot clean.

Some girls have all the fun

You are a super villain with questionable taste in men. Okay, not on an average Tuesday, but tonight you”re embracing your darker side. Together with your BFF Poison Ivy, be prepared to wreak havoc all over Gotham (or at very least, all over the neighbor”s Halloween festivities). Will you show mercy? Will you snatch away a treat from an unsuspecting Batman? Will you team up with the Joker to make things really wild? All things are possible in your Harley Quinn world.

Taking it on the road

This inflatable mallet sure to be a Halloween hit, but there”s no need for you to stop there. With the convention circuit running across the country all year long, you may want to visit them all. Don”t forget to bring your mallet along, otherwise your look won”t be complete. People will delight in your commitment just as much as if you called them “Puddin”.”

Inflatable Harley Quinn Mallet Details:

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