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Infant Batman Diaper Cover

Infant Batman Diaper Cover

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Infant Batman Diaper Cover
Who would have ever thought that your cute little baby had a secret identity? Well now his secret is out, but no one minds, because the streets are safe once more thanks to your darling baby superhero! When he puts on his Infant Batman Diaper Cover, all criminals fear this little baby Batman that packs a big punch–of cuteness!

  • Includes: Diaper cover, hat and cape
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • This is an officially licensed DC Comics product

Only the coolest (and cutest) superhero ever!

Who has time to commit any crimes when they”re busy admiring just how cute your little one looks when wearing the Infant Batman Diaper Cover. But don”t let his cuteness fool you–this baby superhero is a man of action, and it”s his job to make sure that nothing happens while he”s on patrol. That”s why he needs his cape, hat and diaper cover emblazoned with the signature Batman symbol. There”s no mistaking this baby for anything but a tough superhero ready for action (right after his nap time)!

Your baby fights for justice and all that is good and right with the world!

Your baby Batman has a mission, and not even strained peas will keep him from fulfilling it. In fact, strained peas might just be at the top of his list of things to lock up and throw away the key! But until that day happens, he has a bit of time to pose for photos and maybe sign a few autographs.

Infant Batman Diaper Cover Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme TV Movie Characters

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