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Horse Hoof Gloves

Horse Hoof Gloves

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Horse Hoof Gloves
Whether it”s for a Halloween party, costume event or just some horseplay with friends, the Horse Hoof Gloves costume accessory is the final detail you need to pull off a stellar horse costume. You”ll be the mane attraction whenever you wear this comical getup, so don”t forget to practice your best neigggghhhhhs and galloping technique before you run into the wild. This accessory accompanies a horse”s head or any other horse-related costume. But remember: you”re not actually a horse. As good as eating hay and running into the sunset is, you”ll have to give it all up come the end of the night. On the plus side, you”ll be able to use cutlery and your computer without pulverizing them to a pulp.

  • Includes: The Horse Hoof Gloves includes one pair of horse hooves to complete your costume. One pair of horse hooves to complete your costume.
  • Does not include: Mask or shirt.
  • Material: 100% Latex.

Hay! You”re anything but lame

We”re not saying horse hooves are everything, but they”re pretty close. What could be better than clip-clopping your way through rolling green hills as you explore the great outdoors? OK, that might not be the reason you need to buy them. Instead, you”ll be the fun-loving party starter who can whip anyone and everyone up onto the dance floor. After a long night of doing your thing, hit the stable for a well-earned rest – you deserve it. Saddle up! This is going to be one awesome ride.

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