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Horror Make-Up Kit

Horror Make-Up Kit

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Horror Make-Up Kit
We all know what it”s like during Halloween. There are parties the days before, the day of, and you have to venture out trick-or-treating to get your fill of candy Halloween night. And you can”t exactly wear the same costume to every event – there are only so many times you can wear a witch outfit until it starts losing its impact. Of course, you could invest in multiple costumes, but the effort involved in that is scarier than the scariest of Halloween movies. If only there was a simpler way. Now, there is! With the Horror Make-Up Kit, you can change faces every night and still have the people wanting more. No matter what creepy character you want to be, you can ensure you always look like the real deal.

  • Includes: The Horror Make-Up Kit includes green horror flesh, blood gel, liquid latex, five crayons, makeup tray with six colors, theatrical blood, two blood capsules, scar skin, tooth wax and sponge.
  • Material: Hydrogenated Coco-glycerides, Paraffin, PolyethylenePetrolatum Octil palmitate BHT.

The villain with a thousand faces!

What would you do if you were able to change faces in an instant (OK, in around thirty minutes)? With this handy kit, you can transform into anyone or anything. Ready to step into the mismatched shoes of Frankenstein and take on the local village? Check. Want to become a thousand-year-old vampire with a lust for blood? Check. Want to look like you”ve lived and died multiple times, with cuts and wounds to prove it? Check!

Horror Make-Up Kit Details:

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