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Hocus Pocus Versatile Costume 6 in 1

Hocus Pocus Versatile Costume 6 in 1

Our Price: $24.99

Reg Price: $58.00

Hocus Pocus Versatile Costume 6 in 1
This crafty witch is never a bore, with so many looks to adore! Making a witch evolve is no simple task, without the age old witchcraft books that are secretively placed in an unknown land! The only solution is to turn yourself into a cunning witch, with a few simple accessories that can so every easily switch!

Sounds a little impossible to become a witch? Well, throw on the Hocus Pocus Versatile Costume 6 in 1, and allow the black dress that can be worn six different ways work the magic all night! The Hocus Pocus Versatile 6 in 1 features a sexy black dress that adjusts to make you look like any version of the gorgeous witch you can envision! From wearing it as a one shoulder dress, halter top, tube top, with sleeves, and so many more options! The costume also comes with your must have accessories for witch-hood, such as sheer fingerless gloves, a witch hat, and a small witch”s broom! Hocus Pocus your way through your upcoming adventures, and make your enemies life full of doom!

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