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Hocus Pocus Costume For Toddlers

Hocus Pocus Costume For Toddlers

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Hocus Pocus Costume For Toddlers
The Hocus Pocus Costume For Toddlers lets your little one become everyone”s favorite enchantress on Halloween, whether at a costume party or while out trick or treating. With plenty of attention to detail, this costume brings the witch persona to life in the cutest of ways. Your toddler is sure to have everyone wondering why witches get such a bad rap when she arrives in this adorable little ensemble!

  • Includes: Witch dress, hat, and capelette with collar.
  • Does not include: Tights, broom or shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester

Tap into your little one”s eerie powers…

Dress your toddler up in this hocus pocus costume and see what kinds of spells she can cast on everyone around her! You don”t need to concoct a witch”s brew with eye of newt and wool of bat to transform your youngster into the perfect little Halloween witch; this adorable costume”s black and purple dress, witch hat, and capelette with collar will magically transform your child into the cutest witch ever.

Adorn your little enchantress in the perfect costume

Why not let your little one have fun and play up a sassy alter ego for a change? Sure, she”s all sugar and sweetness most of the year, but on Halloween, help her to let out her adorably naughty side for just a bit. She”ll cast a spell on the other trick or treaters and look super-cute in the process. And think of the photo ops!

Hocus Pocus Costume For Toddlers Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Witches Wizards

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