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Harley Quinn Womens Thigh High Stockings

Harley Quinn Womens Thigh High Stockings

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Harley Quinn Womens Thigh High Stockings
As the right hand gal and on again off again love interest of The Joker, Harley Quinn is one of the most infamous villains in Gotham City. If you want to channel the energetic, yet psychotic, villain this Halloween, and stay warm while doing it, these stockings are for you!

Accessories make the costume.

These thigh high stockings are stylish enough that you could incorporate them in your day to day wardrobe, but also make the perfect accessory for your Harley Quinn costume. Whether you’re rocking a Harley-esque mini skirt and corset top, or a full bodysuit, these red and black Harley Quinn Womens Thigh High Stockings with diamond patterns are perfect to pair with your villainous ensemble. Add some more red and black accessories, like fingerless gloves and a mallet to complete your look!

  • This is an officially licensed Batman product.

Get a group together.

Your Harley Quinn costume is perfectly accessorized, but you still feel like something it is missing. What could it be? It’s the rest of the Batman bad guys of course! Walk into your next Halloween party or comic book convention arm in arm with The Joker himself, with Bane, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Penguin, and Scarecrow trailing behind. You’ll make a mean and menacing group, and will strike fear into the hearts of every Gotham City dweller you come across. Just watch out for The Batman!

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