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Guardians of the Galaxy Kids Deluxe Gamora Costume

Guardians of the Galaxy Kids Deluxe Gamora Costume

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Guardians of the Galaxy Kids Deluxe Gamora Costume
Any girl can put her own twist on Gamora when she wears the Guardians of the Galaxy Kids Deluxe Gamora Costume. Gamora is a warrior to the bone, determined, resourceful and dignified, but she also knows how to show tremendous mercy, and she”s all about honor. With such rich back story, there”s plenty for a girl to sink her teeth into. Use green and tan face paint or makeup to complete the traditional Gamora look, or modify it for a unique take.

  • Includes: A jumpsuit, belt and glovelets.
  • Does not include: Wig or boots.
  • This is an officially licensed Guardians of the Galaxy costume.
  • Material: Polyester.
  • Care instructions: Hand wash.

Filling in the blanks

Much remains unknown about Gamora because she”s the last of her kind. Some of her abilities stem from genetic manipulation, but it can be difficult to tell which skills are thanks to her heritage and which are thanks to her warrior training. Help your child prepare for her turn as Gamora by putting her through tests of physical strength — after all, Gamora is a tough assassin and fighter. Tutor her in lessons about morality, trust, honor and courage. She can probably teach you a thing or two as well.

Guardian of the galaxy

This costume is great for kids to wear to sci-fi and fantasy conventions as well as for trick or treating. Accessorize the costume with black boots and any one of several variations on Gamora”s sword.

Guardians of the Galaxy Kids Deluxe Gamora Costume Details:

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