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Gory Gash Makeup Kit

Gory Gash Makeup Kit

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Gory Gash Makeup Kit
During Halloween, you have to dress to impress, and this Gory Gash Makeup Kit will leave your friends screaming for more. Add some much-needed gore to your outfit by giving yourself a wickedly horrifying and realistic wound. Want to look like you”ve been the unfortunate victim of a wild beaver attack? How about a look that says, “I”ve just been set upon by a rampaging llama?” Then this is just the makeup kit you need (those beavers and llamas are dangerous, you know). Did you live to tell the tale? That”s up to you. Either way, you”re going to look like you”re in serious need of a trip to the emergency room!

  • Includes: The Gory Gash Makeup Kit includes a latex prosthetic gash, liquid latex ashesive, bloody scab liquid and brush.
  • Latex Warning: Avoid contact with eyes when using liquid latex. Avoid using liquid latex on hair. It can become entangled in fine facial hair. Avoid contact with clothing and carpeted areas.
  • Material: Hydrogenated Coco-Glycerides, Paraffin, Polyethylene Petrolatum Octil Palmitate BHT

Don”t forget to scream!

Halloween isn”t usually the time to be thankful, but we think you might just count your lucky stars this gash is fake once you see how gruesome you look. Match this accessory with a bloody outfit to become a classic teen horror victim. But remember, you”ll have to stay in character if you want the costume to be believable – that means maintaining a stony, sorrowful gaze and maybe shedding a tear or two in honor of your vanquished soul. We didn”t say being a victim would be easy. OK, you can have one drink. It”s the least you deserve for all you”ve been through.

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