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Girls Far Out Disco Costume

Girls Far Out Disco Costume

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Girls Far Out Disco Costume
Does your little girl like to dance? Of course she does! And does she like to play dress-up? Of course she does. And does she like Halloween? (You already know the answer, all kids love Halloween!) What better way to enjoy all three then to let your little girl dance the night away in the Girls Far Out Disco Costume?

  • Includes: A flower printed dress, matching head scarf and a fuzzy vest
  • Does not include: Boots
  • Material: 100% polyester

So groovy! Far out!

Disco never gets old, and neither will the fun times that can be had when your little girl is happily enjoying the funky vibes of the Girls Far Out Disco Costume. A delightfully psychedelic flower print dress and matching head scarf brings back memories of the 70s and all the classic disco music that came from that groovy era. And the fuzzy vest is the perfect accompaniment to add just the right amount of funk to this already hip and supercool outfit.

Dance to every doorstep!

Your little girl will thrill the town with her disco dance moves and trendy costume. Why not join the far out party and bust out some of your old 70s disco clothes as well? We know you have some stashed away somewhere, some great duds that you thought you”d never wear again but just couldn”t bear to throw away! Feel the vibes, man, and catch a big dose of the disco fever! There are great times to be had with your darling disco queen!

Girls Far Out Disco Costume Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme 70s Disco

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