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Giraffe Costume For Toddlers

Giraffe Costume For Toddlers

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Giraffe Costume For Toddlers
One day your kiddo might be as tall as a tree, but for now, she”ll have to make do with The Giraffe Costume for Toddlers. While she may not instantly become the tallest animal on earth, she”ll feel like it with all the attention she gets. In fact, it won”t be too long before everyone queues up for the chance to have their picture taken with the cutest giraffe to ever grace a Halloween party. Our advice? Better get your camera ready. You just don”t know when your lovely giraffe will indulge her fans and smile for the camera. It”ll be a picture perfect moment that deserves a special place in your family album.

  • Includes: This costume includes a yellow spotted jumpsuit and a hood, which features a giraffe head with mane in the back.
  • Material: 100% Polyester

Roam wild and free as a giraffe

Giraffes may make you think of African savannas where animals roam wild and free, but your toddler is still a bit young for all that just yet. For now, you”d be better off letting your little giraffe roam around the neighborhood this Halloween for her share of treats. It”s nothing like Africa”s grasslands, but we”re pretty sure she”ll prefer those treats over a wild animal diet. Now if only the rest of the herd would show up, the party is about to get started around the watering hole. Let”s just hope she doesn”t get wilder than you”d like before bedtime.

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