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Frozen: Elsa Prestige Plus Size Costume For Women

Frozen: Elsa Prestige Plus Size Costume For Women

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Frozen: Elsa Prestige Plus Size Costume For Women
When you agreed to go to the party as a Disney princess, you were not quite sure which one you would choose. As the date grows closer, you know in your heart that there”s only one costume for you: the “Frozen:” Elsa Prestige Plus Size Costume for Women. A multi-faceted character struggling to find her way in the world while trying to control her incredible abilities sounds like someone you can get behind. Plus, you get a fabulous gown. What could be better?

  • Includes: The “Frozen:” Elsa Prestige Plus Size Costume For Women includes a blue dress with sheer sleeves and an attached snowflake cape.
  • Does not include: Shoes.
  • Material: 100 percent polyester.
  • This is an officially licensed Disney “Frozen” costume.

Grace and refinement

The ice-blue, floor-length gown has light sequins along the bodice and at the point of the cape”s attachment. That”s right! You get a cape. You”ve always wanted an excuse to wear a cape, and here it is. The snowflake cape runs from shoulder to floor, but it is light enough not to impede movement. You can hold onto it and sweep majestically into rooms, or you can just let it flow softly behind you as you move. Either is befitting your new regal persona.

A commanding presence

Will you actually have the ability to command ice and snow once you don this fabulous garment? Maybe you won”t, but you may feel like you can command the attention of everyone in the room – which is probably better. In fact, you are feeling bolder already, and you have not even put on your blonde wig yet!

Frozen: Elsa Prestige Plus Size Costume For Women Details:

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