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Frozen: Adult Elsa Wig

Frozen: Adult Elsa Wig

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Frozen: Adult Elsa Wig
Bring the ice queen to life with the Frozen: Adult Elsa Wig. From the big screen to her theme park character, Elsa has created a cool craze with her single, thick braid cascading down her back. The side braid has been in style ever since, but if you want to accurately recreate her happening hairstyle opt for this wonderful wig. No royal hairstylist needed.

  • Includes: The Frozen: Adult Elsa Wig includes a blonde wig with side braid.
  • Does not include: costume.
  • This is an officially licensed Disney Frozen product.
  • Material: 100% Mixed Fibers/Woven: 100% Polyester

Conceal, don”t feel

Secure this stylish Elsa wig on your head, with your own hair neatly concealed underneath your big braid. Pair it with Elsa”s shimmering, cool blue ice gown and cape. Conceal your own identity as you become the powerful snow queen, able to whip up a flurry of fun and create an impressive ice palace all on your own. You feel empowered enough under this wig to even try to whip up your own Marshmallow to protect you from any scheming princes or spooked out townspeople.

Sisterly love

From your first indoor winter wonderland with Anna to your adventures saving her on the ice, your sister has been a big part of your story. When you dress the part of Elsa for a costume party, Frozen fete, or Halloween happening make sure to find someone to play your sweet sister. The two of you will certainly be the coolest girls at the party.

Frozen: Adult Elsa Wig Details:

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