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Fireman Accessory Kit

Fireman Accessory Kit

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Fireman Accessory Kit
Some kids are born with an innate protective side, which they try their best to show off while dressing up as cops and firefighters. Precocious children aren”t simply interested in playing pretend; they want to make the world a better place. If your child enjoys playing pretend games that involve firefighting, he”s not just playing — he or she is working hard to keep the entire neighborhood safe. In order to ensure complete safety, he will need the protective equipment included in the Fireman Accessory Kit. Not only will she keep those dangerous flames in check, she will look absolutely adorable while doing so!

  • Includes: The Fireman Accessory Kit includes one vest, gas mask, badge, walkie talkie, and an axe.
  • Does not include: Shoes, pants or shirt.
  • Material: Costume is 100% polyester; accessories are 100% plastic.
  • Your little hero will keep you safe from harm!

Flames won”t stop this superhero in the making!

Every little tyke wants to play the role of hero at some point, but instead of dressing up as Spiderman, why not have him pretend to be a real hero? As a fireman, she will be able to live out one of the biggest childhood dreams. It is impossible to save the day without the proper equipment. Your little hero will be ready to save the day once he”s equipped with the Fireman Accessory Kit. Encourage your child to use her imagination and craft elaborate (but pretend) lifesaving scenarios. She will put out one fire after another, saving countless stuffed animals along the way.

Fireman Accessory Kit Details:

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