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Felt Pink Butterfly Wand

Felt Pink Butterfly Wand

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Felt Pink Butterfly Wand
Ah, the butterfly – the most beautiful and the most fun of all the insect creatures. Bring the power and the fun of the butterfly to your kid”s next dress-up time with this incredible and eye-catching Felt Pink Butterfly Wand. Sure, it won”t make them fly off the ground … but you can be assured, they”ll absolutely feel like they could take flight with the power of this enchanting wand in their hands!

    • Includes: One wand with a felt pink butterfly with pink and yellow ribbon cascading down.
    • Material: 100% Chemical Polyester Fiber

You”re Our Butterfly

There”s a very good chance that your child might move around like a butterfly – flapping around from place to place, driving you crazy with their fluttering moves. Give them the right outfit for their playtime with this perfect accessory! No need for any other costume to accompany it – just drop the wand in their hands and see them dance and play around with this lovely insect power. This wand also pairs perfectly with a range of princess and magic fairy costumes. Find a friend dressed as a bumble bee for some infectious insect-themed adventures.

One Very Fun Butterfly Effect

This felt pink butterfly wand is made in the familiar, rounded butterfly shape and colored in lovely pink, with an eye-catching pink and yellow ribbon attached for a “cascading” effect that delivers a lovely, fun effect for play time.

Felt Pink Butterfly Wand Details:

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