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Farm Cow Mascot Costume

Farm Cow Mascot Costume

Our Price: $59.95

Reg Price: $70.00

Farm Cow Mascot Costume
Moo-ve over other costumes, weÕve got the Farm Cow Mascot Costume here! Thanks to this killer cow costume no longer will farms and ranches hold their monopoly on the bovines of the world! Now everyone can indulge in the simple pleasure of being around a cow! And who wouldnÕt want that? Cows are pretty great, after all!

Today is ours! Seize it! If you love costumes and good times, then this is the outfit for you! DonÕt ruminate on it, charge straight ahead! Cows are one of the top five animal of all time. Easily. TheyÕre food, theyÕre drink, theyÕre couches, theyÕre everything we need in life and now theyÕre a great outfit! If you love animals and dressing like one then look no further than the Farm Cow Mascot Costume! ItÕs a full blown party animal in one fun and simple package!

Farm Cow Mascot Costume Details:

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