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Fake Teeth - Doofus Rottin

Fake Teeth – Doofus Rottin” Teeth

Our Price: $5.95

Reg Price: $8.00

Fake Teeth – Doofus Rottin” Teeth
Good grief! Need a dentist? Or just looking for that right piece to add a little humor to your get-up this Halloween? Then these Doofus Rottin” Fake Teeth are just what you”re looking for!

This amazingly awesome accessory features one set of rotting, disfigured dentures for the top half of your mouth. It comes with a custom fitting texture compound for a natural look and, best of all, it”s reusable so everyone will know who the “doofus” is this Halloween!

Whether you”re going as a four eyed geek or a plain Englishman, with these Doofus Rottin” Fake Teeth, you”ll have just what you need for that awesome ensemble this Halloween season!

Fake Teeth – Doofus Rottin” Teeth Details:

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