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Dreamgirls Wig - Glam Black

Dreamgirls Wig – Glam Black

Our Price: $13.95

Reg Price: $20.00

Dreamgirls Wig – Glam Black
Embodying the rag-to-riches dream, the Dreamgirls Wig is perfect for the dreamer in you! You”ll glow with the success you”ve accomplished, as you take center stage with only a microphone and your fellow Dreamgirls backing you up.

This Glam Black Dreamgirls Wig features a black, short length, puffed wig, which resembles the hairstyles of decades ago, when the music was softer and the melodies made your eardrums full of glee. The Glam Black Dreamgirls Wig will make you feel on top of the world, as you are topping the charts!

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