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Dragon Ninja Costume For Kids

Dragon Ninja Costume For Kids

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Dragon Ninja Costume For Kids
Stealthy movements and a sleek slice of the sword are what make ninjas a respected adversary for any evildoer. Your child can defeat the sinister evil forces bent on destroying the world when she puts on the Dragon Ninja Costume For Kids. A single karate chop may send the bad guys scrambling in fear for their lives, or she may have to pull out all the stops. Never fear, as she has the inner fortitude and mental focus to save the world and restore the balance of good and evil.

  • Includes: A pink and black tunic, pink wrist guards with black ties, a black head tie and black footless tights with pink characters.
  • Does not include: Sword or shoes.
  • Materials: Dress: 100% polyester, Tights: 95% nylon, 5% Spandex.

Discover your hidden dragon and develop your ninja talents

Martial arts is about more than attack and defense; some say that it is a way of life. Your young ninja will learn that she has the skills and strength to defeat any challenge that comes her way, whether it is a masked ninja foot soldier, or a mountain of homework! Some ninjas focus on the classic tools of the trade, such as shurikens, nunchucks, and katanas, while others specialize in training dragons, the mythical creature of ancient lore. No matter where your ninja”s interests lie, she will have the ability to complete all of the essential ninja training to become a master of the ways of the ninja.

Dragon Ninja Costume For Kids Details:

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