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Dog Butterfly Costume

Dog Butterfly Costume

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Dog Butterfly Costume
Yesssssssss. This is why I got into the costume business, so I could look at animals in awesome costumes like the Dog Butterfly Costume. I can”t figure out of this is more funny than it is adorable. Maybe I should try to make up a new word for this. Fundorable. Yeah. That”s the ticket. That”s what this is.The Dog Butterfly Costume comes with a headpiece with antennae and foam wings with a printed monarch pattern.

This outfit is for people who think that their cute animal could still be just a little bit cuter. That”s a noble endeavor if I”ve heard one. The Dog Butterfly Costume is an adorable outfit for your dog to wear on Halloween. He might not know what day it is, but you”ll know that with this costume, he”ll be the cutest thing for miles around.

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