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Dirty Work Gangster Costume For Adults

Dirty Work Gangster Costume For Adults

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Dirty Work Gangster Costume For Adults
Organized crime has never looked as sexy as it does when you are wearing the Dirty Work Gangster Costume for Adults. You won”t have any problems collecting debts for your bosses in this outfit, and won”t have to worry about the Eliot Nesses of the world trying to lock you in the slammer. This outfit makes the Mafia underworld a heck of a lot less dangerous and more alluring and risque!

  • Includes: A sleek pinstripe styled halter dress with back slit and an attached red tie. Also includes suspenders, a carnation pin, gangster hat, and arm garter.
  • Does Not Include: Jewelry, cigar, money and shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester

Capone”s sexiest enforcer!

Al Capone might never have been caught by the fuzz if he had you in his employ, as your radiating gangster beauty would be enough to distract the police so the famous Chicago mob boss could continue to smuggle booze and cigarettes. The only St. Valentine”s Day Massacre would have been all the hearts that you would break while wearing this stunningly hip ensemble!

You”re the hottest henchman!

This costume is the ideal outfit for any sort of costume party. Whether you are trying to distract Dick Tracy, Joe Friday, or any other detective looking to bring down the mob or to pal up with James Cagney, this outfit is the way to do it. Accentuate this form-fitting costume with a Tommy gun or a cigar to really pretty out the sexy gangster look!

Dirty Work Gangster Costume For Adults Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme 20s Flappers Gangsters

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