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Deluxe Ninja Dress-Up Trunk

Deluxe Ninja Dress-Up Trunk

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Deluxe Ninja Dress-Up Trunk
This collection will transform you into a mighty and honorable warrior — if you are ready. You can”t be a stealthy ninja without the right accessories. With this Deluxe Ninja Dress-Up Trunk, there”s no need to travel to ancient Japan to embrace the way of a ninja. You can do so right in your own home with a companion to help you along your journey.

  • In the dragon sealed storage trunk, you will find two ninja suits (Ninja Play Set and Stealth Ninja Costume). With them, you and your companion can battle the evil that threatens your city by kicking, punching, flipping, crouching, and jumping (as long as you don”t knock over your mom”s vase).
  • To aid in your battles, you are equipped with a set of ninja stars, two swords, and nunchucks (dragon ninja weapon set), two sais, and gloves. Use these weapons wisely, and you will bring much honor upon yourselves by fighting against evil.
  • Includes storage trunk, dragon ninja weapon set, ninja sais (2), warrior legacy gloves, Ninja Play Set, Stealth Ninja Costume.
  • Does not include white shelves, red baskets, hanger, or carpeting.

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