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Deluxe Adult Easter Bunny Costume

Deluxe Adult Easter Bunny Costume

Our Price: $89.99

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Deluxe Adult Easter Bunny Costume
Or at least it”s a very convincing lookalike. Whether you”re going for that cute Easter Bunny look or that “I”m a psycho bunny here to kill you” look, we”ve got you covered with the Deluxe Adult Easter Bunny Costume. Want to keep your secret identity a secret? No problem, since the costume is full coverage.

  • Includes: The Deluxe Adult Easter Bunny Costume includes a bunny bodysuit with attached vest and jacket and a bunny head with detached ears.
  • Does not include: basket with eggs.
  • Material: 100% Polyester

Hoppy Easter

Look, sometimes you just want to wear a bunny suit. We get that. But sometimes you really want to wear a bunny suit and get that full Easter Bunny effect. You know, dapper vest, bow tie, pastel-blue jacket. Aww yeah, Easter Bunny in the house. The Deluxe Adult Easter Bunny Costume has it all. Throw this bad boy on, and you”ll be set.

Wait, what have you got in that basket?

More interested in playing the nefarious nut job in a bunny suit, here to terrorize teenagers like in the “80s slasher flicks? Seriously, what better way to evoke terror on Halloween night (or any other special occasion; anniversary, maybe?) than donning a cute bunny suit, splattering on a bit of fake blood, picking up a costume butcher knife, and going out for a night on the town? You”ll be the life of the party…unless it”s an Easter party, in which case you may find yourself escorted out by a burly security guy threatening very real violence. Probably should avoid the church egg hunt too.

Deluxe Adult Easter Bunny Costume Details:

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