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Cyndi Lauper Wig

Cyndi Lauper Wig

Our Price: $16.95

Reg Price: $22.00

Cyndi Lauper Wig
Expose your True Colors! As you vow to become true to yourself, the rest of your transformation will naturally unfold! How can we make it all sound so simple? Well, it really is that simple when you try on our Cyndi Lauper Wig! You will be the main attraction at your upcoming Halloween event, and you”ll have the attitude that can”t be sold in stores!

It”s so simple to be radical, and totally funky, when you dress up as colorful as your wild heart desires! The Cyndi Lauper Wig features a curly wig with yellow, orange, and red portions of half hazard sectioned hair! To make your new personality shine through, throw on outrageous jewelry, pick out an eccentric outfit, and let your personal debut begin!

Cyndi Lauper Wig Details:

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Theme Funny Masks

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