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Cuddly Calf Infant Diaper Cover Set

Cuddly Calf Infant Diaper Cover Set

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Cuddly Calf Infant Diaper Cover Set
Just a couple of months old, but he can spend time charming the people around him when he”s garbed in the Cuddly Calf Infant Diaper Cover Set. When he”s not mooing for milk, he can sleep in utter solitude without knowing that he has just been tagged as awesome personified. And you get to watch as people”s hearts melt like butter at the mere sight of this adorable calf who doesn”t have a care in the world, not that your heart will be immune to this darling calf either, of course.

  • Includes: A diaper cover with cow prints, a hat designed with ears and face of a calf, and a matching hoof booties.
  • Material: 100% polyester.

The grass is greener on your side with this calf around

No one is too young for Halloween, so your little bundle of joy will have to adhere to tradition, too. You can assign your little one the task of handing treats to kids by dressing him up in this adorable costume. Who wouldn”t want sweet treats from this little cutie! Or if he”s ready for it, you can take him trick-or-treating to show off his Halloween spirit. With this costume”s cowtail diaper cover and adorable-looking cow face on the hat, your neighbors will be overwhelmed with his charm; they”ll give their best loot in an instant! It”ll be a moment to remember, so be ready with camera in hand, and take pictures paparazzi style. And when he”s old enough, you can fondly retell the story of his first Halloween adventure as the pint-sized calf.

Cuddly Calf Infant Diaper Cover Set Details:

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Theme Animals

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