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Costume Bow And Arrow Set

Costume Bow And Arrow Set

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Costume Bow And Arrow Set
The Costume Bow and Arrow is the perfect tool for hunting and gathering in all settings. Whether you are looking for the dead-eye accuracy of Robin Hood or are the primary line of defense for a medieval kingdom, this bow and arrow will give you a leg up on the competition!

  • Includes: A bow with two arrows and a carrying case.
  • Materials: 50% PP, 45% Polyester.
  • Measures approximately 30″ long.

Vanquish the Sheriff of Nottingham!

Robin Hood isn”t Robin Hood without his trusty bow and arrow, but you can save the village from the Sheriff of Nottingham with this accessory. Whether you are looking to provide the poor in the village with more goods or are looking for the perfect look to woo your version of Maid Marian, this bow and arrow set will let you shoot down whatever competition you might have. Bryan Adams might even start singing a song about you instead of Kevin Costner as you show off your archery skills to an appreciative town or party.

Defend the party!

There”s nothing that ruins a party more than uninvited party crashers, but if you”re there, equipped with your bow and arrow, your party crasher problems are over. You won”t even need to fire away at evildoers, as one look at you with your arrow ready to fire will send the invaders retreating for the hills. Not only will repelling the outside hordes make you a favorite for fair vixens and appreciative comrades, but you can show off your pinpoint shooting skills for your new fans. It beats the heck out of darts!

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