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Corduroy Horse Costume

Corduroy Horse Costume

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Corduroy Horse Costume
It”s hard to get much more adorable than this. It combines the bouncing lovability of a baby with a horse that is shown with this wonderful hand-crafted outfit. And people love horses. If you ever doubted how adorable a horsey could be, let this be a lesson. The Corduroy Horse Costume is about as cute as a costume can before entering into metaphysical proportions. It is almost unfair to other hoofed animals.

Yes, sirree, it doesn”t get much more adorable than this little moppet. And just look what it comes with, a horse jumpsuit, complete with a hoodie (with a mane and tail). If you want your kid to look as huggable as humanly possible this Halloween, then look no further than the Corduroy Horse Costume. It”s purebred adorability!

The Corduroy Horse Costume is the most amazing pony that there ever could be.

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