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Comb Over Wig - Mens

Comb Over Wig – Mens

Our Price: $13.95

Reg Price: $18.00

Comb Over Wig – Mens
Losing a little bit of hair? Go on, comb it over. No one”s going to notice  it”ll make you look younger! For those wanting to poke a little fun at the delusional, or just putting that finishing touch on your white trash Mens costume, get a hold of this Comb Over Wig! Then take your convertible out for a drive!

There”s no need to be shy about it  the Comb Over Wig will bring all the ladies to your doorstep! Or at least get them to laugh, and that”s half the battle, isn”t it? Grab this Mens wig today!

Comb Over Wig – Mens Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Funny Masks

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