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Colonial Lady Costume For Kids

Colonial Lady Costume For Kids

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Colonial Lady Costume For Kids
Imagine being transported back to another time, a simpler time, when folks rode on horseback or in carriages throughout the town and people made a living working the family farm. In this adorable Colonial Lady Costume For Kids your daughter can pretend to be living in Colonial times at the next school Halloween party, historical day or dress-up date.

  • Includes: A flower pattern gown with a mesh apron and mop cap.
  • Does not include: Shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.

Know your history

If your daughter wants to truly act the part of a woman in colonial America, she would benefit from some authentic accessories. What type of colonial woman is she? Does she gather the eggs from the backyard chickens in a basket? Does she stay home and mend the laundry (a bag of socks and sewing supplies might be a nice touch). Or, is she more adventurous? Take a page from the book of Molly Pitcher, and have your little one act the part of a patriot bringing water to the troops.

Learn the lingo

Your daughter will certainly make an historical impression if she knows some sayings of colonial America. Some of the simple ones that are still used today are, “get off your high horse,” “dressed to the nines,” and “in the nick of time.” If your child can learn these idioms and drop them into her speech at the next costume event, she”s guaranteed to help you “put your best foot forward!”

Colonial Lady Costume For Kids Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Historical

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