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Cat Head & Paws Costume For Adults

Cat Head & Paws Costume For Adults

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Cat Head & Paws Costume For Adults
When you wear the Cat Head and Paws Costume for Adults you are sure to purr with delight. With a love for all things feline, you have been wracking your brain trying to come up with the best way to incorporate that love into this year”s Halloween costume without wearing the same black outfit and painted-on whiskers you always do. Now you can really jump into the fun with a costume that is every bit as unique as you are!

  • Includes: Two paws and a mask with a mesh area to see through.
  • Does not include: Jacket.
  • Material: 100% polyester.

Clear night vision

The oversized cat head is sure to get everyone”s attention. Despite the full coverage of the cat head, you don”t have to worry about impaired vision making socializing or trick-or-treating difficult. The head piece is outfitted with a mesh area for an unobstructed view. So go ahead and cross that room without a concern for bumping into people. The paws provide just enough claw to look realistic without being too big to handle. Just grab a coat, and you are ready for a night on the prowl.

Get ready to howl

As you get ready to saunter into the party, you may realize that you have not yet committed to a karaoke song. Should it be “Stay Cat Strut” or “Love Cats” this time? Maybe it is time to go old school and choose the Tom Jones classic, “What”s New, Pussycat?” So many choices! Just know that no matter which one you choose, your cat style will be on full display, making the party one you will remember long after it ends.

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