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Cartoon Feet For Adult

Cartoon Feet For Adult

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Cartoon Feet For Adult
When trying to bring an animated character to life, you want every detail to be larger than life. Sure, you could choose to just slip on a pair of sneakers and hope that nobody looks down, but you were hoping to really wow them this year. Donning a pair of Cartoon Feet for Adults will take your average Mickey Mouse, Smurf, or M&M character costume and turn it into something that will get you noticed. Your costume is already unique — don”t skimp on the accessories that will get you that grand prize in the costume competition.

  • Includes: The Cartoon Feet For Adult includes a pair of white shoe covers that slip on and stay secure with straps on the bottom.
  • Does not include: Shoes.
  • One size fits most.
  • Material: 50% Polyester, 50% Foam.

A quick transformation

Adding this simple accessory could not be easier. Just pick your most comfortable shoes and slip these white covers over them. They have straps to secure them to the bottom of your shoes to reduce slippage and unintended Cinderella moments. And voila! Your costume is transformed from an interesting idea to a live-action reality.

Possibilities are endless

The cartoon feet are versatile accessories that can be used with dozens of different costumes, so do not worry if you have not decided yet between being the green M&M character or Mickey. Plus, with a little care these shoe covers can be used again and again, so if next year”s birthday party turns into an “Ode to Smurfs” affair, you”ll be ready!

Cartoon Feet For Adult Details:

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