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Captain America Theatrical Costume

Captain America Theatrical Costume

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Captain America Theatrical Costume
What do we know about Captain American? Let”s make a list! He”s the first Avenger. And, darnit it, he loves America. Oh, and what? He”s got a pretty snazzy outfit. And if you”re going to wear a flag in the 21st century you have to make it work. Does Nuke make his outfit work? Nope! Does USAgent? Please, that psychopath couldn”t spell “sartorial.Ò And Bucky? Okay, Bucky dressed pretty sharp (and the Winter Soldier is no slouch either). Well, my point is now the shield has been passed to you and now you too can look as great as Cap with the Captain America Theatrical Costume.

Avengers assemble! Whether you”re bashing up Nazis with televisions for stomachs or bashing up Thanos” minions by the dozens or even duking it out with the God of Thunder this is the suit for you. The Captain America Theatrical Costume is the best looking Cap costume there is. (Shield and helicarrier not included.)

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