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Camouflage Makeup Kit

Camouflage Makeup Kit

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Camouflage Makeup Kit
The Camouflage Makeup Kit has all the materials you need to be invisible in plain sight. Perhaps you are entering into a paintball tournament, and need an advantage as you scout other teams and plan an attack. Maybe you just need a disguise so you can successfully raid your neighbor”s Halloween candy stash. Or it could be that you just love camouflage, and want to wear it everywhere. Regardless, you”ll find that you can get your kicks any way you please with this kit. Grab your sniper rifle. Put on your military uniform. Find a nice spot so you can survey the situation. It”s time for mandatory fun!

  • After applying the camouflage makeup, you”ll feel the need to say cool things like “Roger that” and “Sir, yes, Sir!”
  • The kit comes with all the supplies you need to be the best you can be at the Halloween party. Don”t let your fellow men down.
  • With the puff, brush, sponge, and powder, you”ll have no problem applying and removing the green, wolf brown and black colored makeup.
  • Includes: Two white sponges, mini shaker of powder, mini puff, small flat brush, and black, wolf brown and green make-up.

Camouflage Makeup Kit Details:

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