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Burglar Costume Kit For Kids

Burglar Costume Kit For Kids

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Burglar Costume Kit For Kids
The Burglar Costume Kit for Kids is the perfect choice for any child with a knack for bending rules and who loves showing off their rebellious side. The costume includes a comfortable shirt with alternating black and white stripes, encouraging your child to be a little sneaky as they trick-or-treat. This is a great choice for kids who love to dress up, but who lack the patience to put on a complicated costume or who are picky about being poked and prodded by costume accessories. This burglar costume is simple, comfortable to wear, and lots of fun.

  • Includes: Striped Polyester Shirt, a handy swag bag, an identity concealing face mask.
  • Does Not Include: Pants, shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.

A versatile choice

This burglar costume isn”t just for trick-or-treating. You won”t believe how many excuses you and your child will come up with to wear this costume for an evening. It”s a great choice for introducing your child to the classic movie, The Great Escape. It”s also perfect for when your child gets cast as the bad guy in a school theater production. Or it can be worn any day for a game of pretend.

Stealing hearts

Who says Robin Hood is the only good guy robber? Burglars can be superheroes, too! Your child can dive right into his or her imagination in this burglar costume, which will be fun to wear long after Halloween costume season. He or she will be stealing hearts for sure.

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