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Bunny Accessory Kit For Kids

Bunny Accessory Kit For Kids

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Bunny Accessory Kit For Kids
You have the cutest kids on the block, but you might not realize you can make them even cuter. All it takes is the Bunny Accessory Kit For Kids. Help them don these adorable accessories, and you”ll see their natural cuteness triple. You won”t be able to reach for the camera quick enough.

  • Includes: Ears, nose and tail.
  • Does not include: Top, leggings or shoes.
  • Material: Polyester.

Good for so many things

Halloween night isn”t the only time your child will use the Bunny Accessory Kit. It won”t take you long to discover that your little one will love finding excuses to pull it out and dress up as a bunny. Favorite reasons could include a Bambi viewing, school parties, play dates, trips to zoos and petting farms, or Easter morning. The most frequent excuse might just be because your child can! When your bunny wears the items included in the bunny accessory kit, you”ll see that imaginations truly run wild. Who knows, wearing the outfit might even someday inspire your child to pursue a career in wildlife conservation. If your child is interested in performing arts, you”ll find that the bunny accessory kit is a wonderful addition to a prop box. The great thing about the bunny accessory kit is that it is something both you and your child will love. One day, when your bunny outgrows the kit and moved onto other interests, you”ll have a great time showing off the pictures you took of them during their younger, more carefree days. How magical it can be when all it takes to bring joy is a fluffy tail, a nose and a pair of ears.

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