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Buddy Elf Wig - Mens

Buddy Elf Wig – Mens

Our Price: $14.95

Reg Price: $19.00

Buddy Elf Wig – Mens
Elves do more than just pack millions of bundles of presents for kids to open on Christmas Day! They also have really amazing hair to compliment their pointy, elf ears. The Buddy Elf Wig features an auburn, brown shade wig, with a super curly head of hair.

When you wear the Mens Buddy Elf Wig, you”re going to stand out like a sore thumb amongst the identical looking elves. Become the head elf, in the Mens Buddy Elf Wig, and make Santa proud!

Buddy Elf Wig – Mens Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Funny Masks

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