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Boys Thor Avengers Costume

Boys Thor Avengers Costume

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Boys Thor Avengers Costume
Forsooth! The BoyÕs Thor Avengers Costume is whatever fan of AsgardÕs greatest guardian could ever want in a Halloween costume! Fresh from his adventures against the Chitauri hordes, the EarthÕs favorite demi-god had probably earned a much needed break. Afterall, getting into a fist fight with the Hulk and seeing through his half-brother LokiÕs insane theatrics is an exhausting undertaking (try it on for size and youÕll see what I mean!).

You donÕt need to be worthy to possess the power of Thor this Halloween! To become the mightiest of all of the Avengers this Halloween, pick up the BoyÕs Thor Avengers Costume! Ye Olde Faux-Shakesperian English sold separately.

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