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Bo Peep Shepherds Crook

Bo Peep Shepherds Crook

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Bo Peep Shepherds Crook
Okay, here comes Halloween and your young one has decided to be Little Bo Peep. That’s a good choice. Little Bo Peep is always a crowd pleaser. If your daughter is going to totally commit to her character, she’ll need the Polka Dot Bo Peep Shepherd’s Crook. You’ll find that this unique crook will be what draws people’s eyes and makes them see her Little Bo Peep look with a heightened appreciation. There are accessories that make a minor contribution to the overall visual effect and then there’s The Polka Do Bo Peep Shepherd’s Crook–– always a scene enhancer and often a scene stealer.

  • Includes one blue plastic shepherd’s crook with a white bow.
  • Measures approximately 44” high.
  • Simple assembly: just snap it together.

This lightweight crook is fun for kids because of its unique look. It gives them a sense of getting more into the character, of doing something with the accessory rather than just wearing it. The authenticity of the character makes role play all the more meaningful and all the more rewarding. Just make sure that she includes it in all the selfies and that she and her friends are going to take that night.

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